A Turkish airline has entered into insolvency protection after making the fatal error of assuming passengers would act reasonably when prawns were served at the members lounge buffet.

In scenes reminiscent of the storming of the Bastille, lips were busted and blouses sprayed with retched prawn juice in the fierce battle between lounge guests to gather as many prawns as possible.

Passengers could be seen scooping the prawns from the buffet with their plates, hands and at one stage, a poorly placed empty rice cooker.

The head chef for the lounge, Mrs Cestovní Průjem, was stunned at the unfolding events, assuming that guests would have show little interest in the thrice frozen, farm grown prawns, that may have been developed in a lab.

However, industry experts were not surprised by the ensuring mayhem.

“Anyone who has ever been in any airport lounge knows how unruly it gets when new meat items are placed into the Bain Marie. Our advice to industry members has been to limit meat offering to bologna, seafood chowder and extremely dry meat balls, less fights erupt.”

Industry Airline Bain Marie Expert

One passenger, still covered in prawn entrails, Mr Vérző Orr, couldn’t believe the naivety of the airline. “Never serves the fresh seafood whens customers are no paying for whats they eatings. Bad economicas.”

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